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range of product
Preventa XY2
product or component type
Latching emergency stop rope pull switch
device short name
housing colour
Red RAL 3000
overvoltage category
Class I conforming to EN/IEC 61140
Class I conforming to NF C 20-030
local signalling
Without pilot light
number of cables
trigger cable maximum length
98.43 ft (30 m)
body material
cover material
Stainless steel
By booted push-button
contacts type and composition
1 NC + 1 NO
contact operation
trigger cable anchor point
RH or LH side
connections - terminals
Screw clamp terminal 1 x 0.5...2 x 1.5 mm²
tightening torque
7.08...10.62 lbf.in (0.8...1.2 N.m)
cable entry number
3 tapped entry Pg 13.5 cable gland
safety level
Can reach category 4 with the appropriate monitoring system and correctly wired conforming to EN/ISO 13849-1
Can reach PL = e with the appropriate monitoring system and correctly wired conforming to EN/ISO 13849-1
Can reach SIL 3 with the appropriate monitoring system and correctly wired conforming to EN/IEC 61508
safety reliability data
B10d = 4000000 with value given for a life time of 20 years limited by mechanical or contact wear conforming to IEC 60947-5-5
mechanical durability
800000 cycles
distance between cable supports
16.4 ft (5 m)
[Ie] rated operational current
3 A at 240 V AC-15, A300 conforming to EN/IEC 60947-5-1 appendix A
0.27 A at 250 V DC-13, Q300 conforming to EN/IEC 60947-5-1 appendix A
[Ithe] conventional enclosed thermal current
10 A
[Ui] rated insulation voltage
500 V (degree of pollution: 3) conforming to EN/IEC 60947-1
300 V (degree of pollution: conforming to UL 508
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
6 kV conforming to EN/IEC 60947-1
positive opening
With conforming to EN/IEC 60947-5-1
resistance across terminals
<= 25 MOhm conforming to NF C 93-050 method A
<= 25 MOhm conforming to EN/IEC 60255-7 category 3
short-circuit protection
10 A by gG cartridge fuse conforming to EN/IEC 60269
terminals description ISO n°1
product weight
1.91 lb(US) (0.865 kg)
EN/IEC 60204-1
EN/IEC 60947-5-1
EN/IEC 60947-5-5
EN/ISO 13850
Machinery directive 2006/42/EC
Work equipment directive 2009/104/EC
product certifications
UL category NISD emergency stop devices
protective treatment
ambient air temperature for operation
-13...158 °F (-25...70 °C)
ambient air temperature for storage
-40...158 °F (-40...70 °C)
vibration resistance
10 gn (f = 10...150 Hz) conforming to EN/IEC 60068-2-6
shock resistance
50 gn 11 ms conforming to EN/IEC 60068-2-27
IP degree of protection
IP65 conforming to IEC 60529

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